U-shaped kids toothbrush 2-6 years

U-shaped kids toothbrush 2-6 years

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The simplest and most fun baby toothbrush on the market!

For most parents, toddler life is the most wonderful thing there is. But with joy comes of course and tears. Everything has a downside, even the parenting life. Dare to say that a job that most parents like to avoid is just toothbrushing. Almost so much so that one sometimes wishes the children were left without teeth. And strangely enough, the little ones think it's just as boring, if not worse.

Has it also happened to you more than once that the little ones were allowed to go to bed without brushing their teeth?

iSiBRUSH barntandborste blå 0-6 år

Why make it harder than it is?

With the baby toothbrush, you can let go of anxiety. A U-shaped children's toothbrush that makes it super easy for even the smallest to use. the is a children's toothbrush that is shaped exactly like the rows of teeth, ie like a bend, where you only need to rock the toothbrush to get the job done. You no longer have to kneel, lift the little one in your arms, point the toothbrush and stare into your mouth to brush the children's teeth.

In addition, the design and appearance of the toothbrush means that it encourages and attracts children more to want to brush their teeth.

iSiBRUSCH U-formad Barntandborste Rosa och blå 0-6 år

How does work?

The is simply a curved toothbrush that reaches all teeth. Like a brace with brushes on both the top and bottom. Just add toothpaste and rub, it's not harder than that. Unlike a regular toothbrush, the brush head is made of food-grade silicone that is gentle on the mouth and has its own peculiar properties. 

Friendly for the little ones

bababestshop is of course made for the very young and is therefore not made with any dangerous materials or plastics, such as PPE etc.

The brush head is made of food grade silicone, also called food silicone which , The handle itself is made of PP plastic.

In other words, Bababestshop production material is adapted for the very youngest children and thus also completely harmless.


Since small children should not have too much toothpaste on the toothbrush, it is good if you try to distribute the small clicks you normally apply to the toothbrush, for example by applying small small clicks on different parts of the toothbrush - to the left, in the middle and to Right. Or left and right on the top and left and right on the bottom. The best thing is that you simply test yourself and find the solution that suits you best.

Then just wiggle the toothbrush from one side to the other.

From what age can toothbrush be used?

Exactly from what age you can start using the U-shaped baby toothbrush is a little difficult to say. But first and foremost, of course, some teeth must have grown out to brush :)

After that, it is entirely up to when the child is receptive to the toothbrush. But on the whole, it can start to be used when a regular toothbrush can be used. But we recommend somewhere around one year of age and beyond, when there are at least a few teeth to brush.


Length : 9 cm

Weight : 16 g

Material : Food grade silicone and PP.

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