Space Saving Clothes Hangers

Space Saving Clothes Hangers

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Increase Storage Space & Keep Your Closet Organized Instantly

If you live in a small apartment with limited closet space, then these clothes hangers are perfect for you!

They hang up to 9 clothes which help utilize the vertical storage space and lets you hang more clothes instantly without getting a bigger closet.

Store more clothes, organize & match your match outfits for the week while keeping your clothes wrinkle free.


Product Highlights

  • Get 80% More Space - the clothes hanger can hold up to 9 garments and up to 30 lbs and when hung vertically, saves up to 80% more space, meaning you can buy more clothes.
  • Organize Your Wardrobe  - These specialty clothes hanger helps with organizing clothes of the same style, trousers, and keep them wrinkle free.
  • Keeps Your Clothes Safe - Smooth and ergonomic design of the hanger helps to protect expensive clothes so you'll never have to worry about damage, creases or marks on your clothes.