Plasma Pen - Ultimate Solution For Skin Tags & Sun Spots Removal

Plasma Pen - Ultimate Solution For Skin Tags & Sun Spots Removal

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Endlessly dealing with annoying skin tags, moles, and sunspots?Are skin blemishes undermining your confidence? Looking for a safe, easy-to-use solution that doesn't require spending a fortune in professional dermatological or surgical procedures

 Plasma Pen is the ultimate solution!

Safely remove skin blemishes at the comfort of your home.

No scars, no marks, no downtime.

Easy to operate, even for first-time users.





"Had several skin tags and sunspots around my eyes, face, and neck. I used this revolutionary Plasma Pen about a week ago. And now they are gone. I thought I would have to have them removed at a doctor’s office but now there’s no need. This saved me time and money. Now I can do this at home, without going to a doctor.”

- Karen H.




Remove Skin Tags
 Remove Sunspots, Age Spots, and Freckles
Get rid of hyperpigmentation
Remove moles and cherry moles
Tighten your skin
Smooth out existing wrinkles (crow’s feet, necklines, and frown lines) and prevent further skin aging through collagen stimulation


     Plasma Pen has been designed by professionals to use Ionized Carbonation Technology. A safe laser emission of Ionized Gas (Plasma) is flashed quickly at wavelengths specifically created to break up skin blemishes, sunspots, and skin tags. 

    This flash activates the Fibroblast cells in the skin. 



    In addition to safely removing skin tags and spots, Fibroblast Cells produce and maintain new collagen and other fibers responsible for the skin’s youthful appearance.  

    Through this process, Plasma Pen naturally activates the skin’s unique ability for healing and regeneration, without the need for injections or surgery.

    The Plasma Pen Therapy, also known as Fibroblast Plasma, is the most permanent and effective non-surgical treatment that targets both lifting and resurfacing of the skin with no downtime.

     Plasma Pen does not penetrate the skin and works with an applicator, not an injection needle.

    This process doesn't damage skin tissues - this means your skin won't be burned or damaged. Instead, only a gentle tingling sensation will be felt during the treatment, keeping you comfortable throughout the whole treatment. 





    Designed by Professionals and used by some of the best clinics in the USA and Europe. The most professional treatment is now delivered to your home.

    Accuracy Technology: our 2022 Upgraded  Plasma Pen allows you to precisely target blemishes and skin imperfections, to get the safest treatment ever.

    Precision Light: As part of our upgrade, we have also integrated a needle light to help you see and target any blemish with any light condition.

    Certified Medical Grade Needles: We recommend you beware of uncertified needles and you only use clinically tested Plasma needles for your treatment. We have selected the finest needles to always deliver the right amount of Plasma energy to your skin.

    Safe to Use, Pain-Free Therapy. No recovery time, no injections, cuts, or surgeries needed.

    CE, ISO9001, and RoHS Certified.

    9 Levels of Intensity make it adapt even to the most sensitive



      "Most beauty tools are kind of awkward to use and cost hundreds of dollars. Not this new tool.  Plasma Pen is a major multitasker - offering skin tags and beauty spots removal while stimulating collagen for skin aging prevention. A two in one treatment you can get addicted to."
      - Women's Health



      • The Most Extensive Plasma Pen Instructions on The Market
      • How to Enhance the Benefits of Your Plasma Pen, From Removing Skin Tags & Moles to Getting Rid of Hyperpigmentation & Wrinkles and much more...
      • Tips to Get the Blemish-Free Skin That Will Give You The Confidence You Deserve
      • The Ultimate Guide on How to Remove Up to 10 Years from Your Face at the Comfort of Your Home
      • Recipes for the Healthiest Skin of Your Life



      Every woman deserves to feel confident in her own skin. This is our core mission, to research the best technologies and create the most advanced skin care products that can guarantee effective results on our clients' skin. 

          ✔  Experience what it’s like to have a perfectly even and healthy complexion, without skin tags, sunspots, and age spots.

          ✔  Look your best and get the confidence you deserve.

          ✔  No more expensive treatments requiring injections, cuts, or surgeries. Remove skin blemishes in the most natural way, without invasive removal procedures that can hurt your skin, a very delicate part of your body.

          ✔  Save money on expensive professional treatments. Professional skin tags and sunspots removal can cost hundreds of dollars per session. With  Plasma Pen you can finally get the same professional results at a much more affordable price.

          ✔  Save time. The treatment requires less than 10 minutes and results can be visible from the first use.

          ✔  Thousands of women all over the world have already achieved the perfect skin they have always dreamed about. Proven results with the strongest guarantee on the market.




          • 1x  Plasma Pen
          • 5x  Fine Needles (Medical Grade Stainless Steel)
          • 1x  Coarse Needle (Medical Grade Stainless Steel)
          • 1x Needle Guard
          • 1x USB Charging cable
          • 1x Instructions
          • FREE Ebook (RRP £29)
          • 1 Year Warranty
          • 24/7 Support


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