Pet Special Needle Hair Comb For Cat & Dog, Pet Hair Cleaner Cleaning and Beauty Products

Pet Special Needle Hair Comb For Cat & Dog, Pet Hair Cleaner Cleaning and Beauty Products

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[pet comb] pet comb can easily handle loose hair, dirt and tangles of pets, massage pet fur and promote blood circulation. Especially when the pet's hair is long and easy to tangle, using this comb will be more effective. Suitable for hairy pets, such as dogs, cats or rabbits.

[safe and comfortable bristles] the pet comb is slightly curved and is designed to go deep under the pet fur for cleaning. Massage particles will not scratch your pet's skin and give your pet an interesting and pleasant beauty experience.

[self cleaning needle comb] after brushing the hair with the pet brush, press the cleaning key to remove the residual hair on the brush. Due to the smooth brush's ingenious self-cleaning function, it only takes about 5 seconds to clean. This saves time and energy for combing and cleaning.

[anti skid durable pet brush handle] the dog and cat beauty brush adopts a comfortable and ergonomic handle design with anti-skid texture to reduce hand pressure. No matter how long you brush your pet, it can prevent hand and wrist strain.

[pet massage brush] pet Slicker Brush massages your pet, which is helpful to prevent skin diseases and promote blood circulation, making your pet's fur soft and shiny! Your pet will like to be brushed! Highly recommended by pet owners, veterinarians and professional beauticians.


Material: ABS

Color: green, blue, pink

Size: 10 * 9cm


1. Elastic hook teeth are combed into fluff and arc tooth heads

Take care of skin 2. Arc handle, comfortable to hold

3. It is made of high-quality ABS material, which is firm, durable and wear-resistant.

Package includes:

1 * pet shell comb