Back And Body Shaver

Back And Body Shaver

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Trouble Shaving Your Back? Look No Further!

 This Body Shaver allows you to shave your back all by yourself with no hassle. No Matter If Your Back Is Wet, Dry, Or Full Of Shaving Cream. You will get an Extra-Close Shave On Your Back That's Absolutely Pain-Free!

Works On Any Type Of Skin!

 Easy To Use On Any Skin Type, even sensitive skin! If Your skin is  Wet Or Dry Gorilla stick will get you back feeling naked, Requires Absolutely No Batteries, And Our Unique Back Razor Blades Will Never Rust Or Cut You.


The Gorilla stick is not a one-trick pony. After Shaving Your Back, Detach the handle ad use it on other areas of your body like Your Chest And Abdomen. We make it easy so You Can Use The Same Unique Technology On The Rest Of Your Body.

Compact Design

Gorilla stick has a unique design that allows you to have portability with your stick. Once you are done fold it up and take it anywhere you go!

Replaceable Razors

Gorilla stick makes it so easy to replace the blade. All you have to do is just slide off the blade and insert the new one! Each blade has a total lifespan of 3months so you rarely have to replace them