Baby Shower Crown Cap

Baby Shower Crown Cap

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Baby Shower Crown Cap

👶 Give your baby a totally enjoyable bath experience filled with fun and laughter 👶🏾!

Tired of seeing your lovely child cry because of soap or shampoo running into the eyes while bathing?


This Baby Shower Crown Cap is the perfect solution you need!



Benefits & Features

This ergonomic bath visor helps protect your baby's face, eyes and ears from shampoo and water. Your little bundle of joy will be able to play with toys while showering without any fear. Leaving your hands free to play with your child.

It gives a fun experience to your kids. The Shower Crown Cap design, attracts your kid's attention, making it more fun for your baby's bath time.


The head circumference adopts a butterfly buckle design, which can be adjusted at will according to the size of the baby's head circumference, and the length can be changed to fit the baby's head.


Made from 100% durable materials PP and TPE soft silicone, BPA-Free. No peculiar smell, convenient for babies and kids to wash their hair.

All head circumference parts are made of silica gel, elastic, soft and comfortable. It has superb waterproof.

Can stretch to fit your baby’s head circumference.


Choose Your Favourite Colour! Blue, Yellow and Pink



Size: 5.9 x 5.1’’ (15 x 13cm)