100% Natural Flea and Tick Collar

100% Natural Flea and Tick Collar

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Spring is here, and all kinds of parasites and bacteria will be active again. Parents who often take their dogs out should pay attention to insect control work, otherwise it will always be itchy. Scratching, scratching, it's uncomfortable to look at.

8 months of flea and tick protection
Flea and lice collars are suitable for large dogs and operate by touch so fleas and lice don't have to bite your dog to death
Veterinarian recommends easy-to-use, odor-free, non-greasy collars to keep dogs free from fleas and mites; no monthly messes
Repels and kills fleas within 24 hours of initial use
Flea and tick collars for large dogs also help treat and control anesthesia and kill lice

Age Range Description All Life Stages
Product Weight 2.08 oz

Seresto 8 month old dog flea and tick collar provides 8 consecutive months of flea and tick protection. Unlike oral flea and tick prevention products, Seresto Flea and Lice Collars for Large Dogs kill fleas and lice by contact - no bite required. Cats can also use Seresto Anti-Flea and Anti-Lick. Seresto Dog Flea Collars are waterproof and remain effective when swimming, washing your hair or when exposed to rain or sunlight. (Do not exceed once a month for dogs. For dogs with once a month or more, control can be reduced to 5 months and flea control to 7 months.) Seresto Flea and Lice Collars for Large Dogs contain two active ingredients: imidacloprid Control flea infestation and flumetaline to deter and kill lice. These active ingredients are released slowly and continuously in low concentrations and are distributed from head to toe and even tail on the dog's coat, Seresto 8 Month Flea and Lice Collar, and can be used with other identification collars. Avoid the hassle of monthly disposal and effectively protect Seresto collars from fleas and lice.